M-Files Hubshare - May 2024 Product Update

M-Files Hubshare - May 2024 Product Update

Welcome to M-Files Hubshare May 2024 Product Update, 

We are always committed to enhancing our platform to provide the best user experience possible. Now, we are thrilled to introduce our most recent updates, which were rolled out in May.


M-Files Hubshare Release

This May 2024 ( release of M-Files Hubshare comes with small improvements and defect fixes mainly. Most of the important changes we are working on will be released in June release (, so stay tuned…

In the meantime, the May release is composed of the below:

  1. Class property cannot be edited

Class property has always been not editable for a lot of reasons, but it was possible to configure it as editable from the configuration interface, causing later error if someone tried to configure a widget this way. We now have fixed the situation and prevented the Class property to be marked as editable in the Widget configuration panel to avoid later frustration and missunderstanding.

  1. Date Only properties don't have hours displayed anymore in absolute format

We removed the time part of the date when the property is a Date Only. It's now clearer and avoid confusion in the user experience by displaying a non-relevant time on top of the Date.

  1. Various UI fixes: SSO button images where wrongly displayed, extra useless spacing surrounding the document viewer,…
  2. Adding an error message in the M-Files Widget Creator when the configuration is not valid
  3. Remove unnecessary "View more" button in the list of filterable properties

What's coming next in June release?

  1. We are improving the user interface by simplying how to access everything related to M-Files (in the Settings, when creating a new widget, etc): more details to come in the next product update.
  2. We are building a new type of widgets connected to M-Files: a Chart widget. This one has been requested a lot and will enhance your hubs by adding visualizations for your data. Again, I will share more information soon.
  3. We heard you and we worked on a new way to make easier to find out how to edit a metadata for the end-users: no need to click the three-dots menu, Properties and then Edit mode, everything will come naturally now. Excited to show you this improvement in next Product update.
  4. More is also coming, potentially in June release, let's see.

Release Details: 
Product: M-Files Hubshare
Version Number:
Cloud Update Schedule: 
May 25, 2024

Access our full release notes: Release Notes

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