M-Files Online March '23 - New Download date and update

M-Files Online March '23 - New Download date and update

Following March '23 Update to M-Files Cloud, we received a customer report of a fringe issue concerning indexed views with ACL filters resulting in inability to edit vault objects (issue #166997 - see the bottom for a workaround). While the issue was quickly remedied for them, we wanted to investigate the issue more closely to ensure it doesn't cause problems to any other customers.

Therefore, the delivery of the March '23 installation packages has been delayed by one week to March 29.

This also allows us to address other issues and the March 29 release will include two other fixes to improve the user experience.

M-Files Online March '23 - 23.3.12441.6 

New Features for March '23 include but are not limited to: 
  • New Metadata Card (React) for vNext 
  • M-Files Web Companion 
  • Multi-Server Mode March '23 Update 
  • Improvements for Links March '23 Update 

See the release notes for detailed notes.

M-Files Online March '23 SR1 - 23.3.12441.9 

The service release contains the following fixes: 
#166897 - React Metadata card not opened when MDCC rule with placeholder in use 
#166931 - Upgrade of offline vault can cause database connection to be lost 
#166997 - Invalid Search Condition in object filters due to ACL conditions 

#166997 partial workaround: If you're working with M-Files server version 23.3.12441.6 installed with MSSQL vaults, and unable to update the server to the 23.3.12441.9 version, the issue is removed if ACL conditions are removed from the views and workflows.

Should you have any questions, our support team is always available to answer any questions or concerns on the March 29 Update.

Thank you for your ongoing support,

M-Files Product Management