M-Files Release - September 2022

M-Files Release - September 2022

M-Files Online September '22 Update (22.9.11816.7/9)

Rollout with automatic updates begins on September 21st, 2022 (22.9.11816.9).

M-Files September '22 update contains the following improvement highlights

  • Sorting search results by property across all view pages (vault database)
  • Alt menu available for Windows 11
  • Set current time for workflow state change
  • Search index rebuild performance improvements
  • Improvements and bug fixes

M-Files 2018 September '22 Update (22.9.11816.7)

The M-Files 2018 product has moved to maintenance mode. No new features will be introduced by default to M-Files 2018. The remaining fixes will mainly consist of security fixes and crucial bug fixes in M-Files Online Release Notes.

For more information, please see the M-Files 2018 End of Life announcement from October 2020.

  • Improvements and bug fixes