Microsoft Teams & Advanced Outlook Integration Enhancements

Microsoft Teams & Advanced Outlook Integration Enhancements

Dear Customers, 

We have officially released the new enhancements to our Microsoft Teams & Advanced Outlook integrations. Here is a quick recap of everything you need to know.

M-Files Add-In for Microsoft Teams 

1. What are we releasing?

This enhanced integration will allow to enable your users and anyone they invite to their MS Teams outside their organization to collaborate on M-Files content securely and conveniently.

2. Business Value: 

Microsoft Teams acts as a central platform for collaboration, enabling team members to exchange files, tasks, and other vital information. Collaborating and sharing knowledge with people inside and outside of your organization is key to enhanced business efficiency. However, effective collaboration is impeded when crucial data is buried in difficult-to-locate folders or access is restricted solely to internal users.

M-Files Add-In for Microsoft Teams ensures a single source of truth for all content types, including documents:

  • Effortless way to collaborate on documents with non-M-Files users.
  • Find key documents faster with documents stored based on context in M-Files
  • Secure way to share documents by configuring access rights.

3. Key Documents: Access them here M-Files Add-In for Microsoft Teams - Customer Resources , it includes:

  • Webinar Slides
  • Overview Video
  • FAQs
  • Setting Up & Using M-Files for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Advanced Outlook Add-In

1. What are we releasing? 

The new Advanced Outlook Integration is an in-house designed and developed add-in that will replace the existing Repstor Outlook add-in. This allows us to increase our integration capabilities and enhance our customer experience by providing a much easier filing of emails and automatic filing of all replies to ensure that users can focus more on their work instead of emails and compliance.

2. Business Value: 

Emails are a formal and reliable means of correspondence that can be used to track project progress and decision-making and serve as a written record of communication that can be referenced as evidence for legal and regulatory compliance. However, the number of emails sent and received during a project can be overwhelming, leading to information overload, missed deadlines, and disorganization that negatively impacts productivity and efficiency.

M-Files Advanced Outlook ensures single source of truth for all content types, including email:

  • Effortlessly track important documents: Emails and attachments automatically filed from Outlook.
  • File correspondence with key stakeholders: Capture entire email threads as conversations.
  • Find critical information faster: Information stored based on context.

3. Key Documents: Access them here M-Files Advanced Outlook Add-In - Customer Resources, it includes:

  • Webinar Slides
  • Overview Video 
  • FAQs Document
  • Setting Up & Using M-Files for Advanced Outlook 

If you have any questions regarding these latest releases, please contact your account manager or ask questions in the forums below: 

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