Releasing M-Files Property Calculator

Releasing M-Files Property Calculator

In our dedication to automate knowledge work, we are thrilled to announce that M-Files Property Calculator is now available for download in M-Files Catalog.

M-Files Property Calculator, previously known simply as Property Calculator, originates as a consulting tool, but it has grown and spread to be a significant asset in building modern M-Files solutions. From the current latest version 24.4.52 onwards, the tool is part of the M-Files official offering.

What is M-Files Property Calculator?

M-Files Property Calculator adds capabilities for creating rule-based object operations with simple configurations. It allows implementing advanced business logic quickly without coding and specialized skills.

It can calculate, manipulate and validate property values in various ways and in dedicated situations and it enables creating objects in the background based on triggers. M-Files Property Calculator helps maintaining object relationships automatically and enables gaining benefits from them while implementing business logics in the solution.

M-Files Property Calculator extends the built-in automatic value capabilities with rules that can be configured to run in specific check-in situations and the calculation rules can be chained to implement advanced logic.

  • Calculate expressions
  • Set static values and remove properties
  • Convert and count dates and periods
  • Filter, order and pick lookups
  • Search for objects
  • Create new objects
  • Extract data from the object history
  • Property value and value list item validation
  • Advanced conditions for automatic state transitions

For information on how to use and configure M-Files Property Calculator, please refer to the guide:

Installing, Configuring, and Using M-Files Property Calculator.pdf