January 2024: Improved Sharing Options

January 2024: Improved Sharing Options

Dear Customer, 

We noticed that there were too many methods and links for sharing in M-Files, prompting us to streamline the process. This message outlines the improvements and reorganization efforts we've implemented. Please note, these changes apply only when the Web client is configured.

Here are the key improvements:

  • Launch of M-Files Links (December 2022): Introduced a more efficient way to share files. With M-Files Links, you can simply copy a link via the "copy link" option in the context menu of the desktop client. These links are versatile, functioning across all devices and environments, provided the web client is set up. The same link can be copied in the web client by clicking the chain icon next to the file name, or in the mobile app via the Share Link option.

  • Introduction of Visitor Links (November 2023): These are designed for sharing files with specific individuals whose email addresses you know. Visitor Links enhance security by limiting access to named recipients only. Visitor Links are available in M-Files Desktop if the web client has been set up.

  • Merger of Visitor Links and Public Links (January 2024): To simplify user experience, we combined Visitor Links and Public Links. Consequently, the "Share Public Link" command has been removed from the Sharing submenu. In the classic M-Files Web, public links have been renamed as visitor links for anyone. This change underscores our commitment to streamlined, secure sharing practices.

  • Removal of Several Sharing Methods (January 2024): We removed "Get Hyperlink", "Send Link by email", "Send a copy by email", and "Send as PDF by email" from the Sharing submenu of the desktop client. Although these features are removed from the user interface, their APIs remain available, and previously shared links will continue to function as usual.

  • Update on Menu Naming: With these changes, the Sharing menu has be renamed to "Save as PDF", reflecting the remaining functionality of PDF commands.

Visual of the 2024 sharing commands:

We believe these changes will clarify and improve your experience with M-Files, even though it may require some adjustment. Thank you for your understanding as we strive to enhance our service.