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Hi M-Files Forum, 

As you are aware, M-Files is a highly configurable system and, I was wondering how other users have organized their configurations once they begin to become substantial in number.

Over time, I can see the configurations area becoming very large and tough to manage. Is there anything you can recommend to pre-empt the problem? And be more proactive about how these are managed? My concern is making sure configurations are organized in a way that ensures future administrators inherit a logical and organized system that allows them to do their job effectively and efficiently.

For example: Have you or your organizations used any specific groupings or categories to organize the various types of configurations?

e.g. "workflow" configs, "appearance" configs etc.

Many thanks in advance.

  • One way to categorize is by following the vault structure for object types and classes: create top level rules for each object type ("Document", "Project", "Customer" etc.) where the object type is used as the rule filter and then sub-rules under that as needed. For the Document object type (and perhaps others, too, if they have multiple classes) you could have further sub-rules per document class, if the classes have their own specific metadata card configuration rules.

    This structure should make it relatively easy for other admins to find out rules which affect a specific object. You could also add descriptions of these configurations to your other vault documentation.

  • Thanks Objects and Classes was also a logical structure for us to use, so its great to have that confirmation from you. When you talk about vault documentation, are you referring to a specific area in the M-Files Admin Client or are you saying (in  general) to keep a document with this kind of info for future reference? 

  • I meant vault documentation in general, often during an implementation project there would be some documentation produced about the server and vault setups, integrations etc.

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