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How to mass change a property

What is the best practice for mass-changing e.g. 10.000 existing document setting the default vault of a newly introduced property - or e.g. replacing choosing user account property by choosing employee object where the formerly chosen user account is assigned to.

I would open a script console and write a sql like skript for example but how to? A little tool using REST API would be a solution - but perhaps with low code interface like in CK module Managed properties?

  • Yes - of course I could create a separat VAF application only for that - but perhaps there is (or will be) a smarter do it.

  • M-Files consultants have a tool called Object Changer that can do just that for you. Your M-Files reseller can get the tool and should be able to help you out.

  • I think they should me - the place where I cannot download because it points to the internal net work. Would be good to download the whole section. - It's a pity that they are not commnity staff too, there are many goof tools but you often need to change some things. Then you have the only possibility to develop an own toolset where you have control as partner.

    -- bad idea to have some tools which are almost useful as they are but there are still things you want to change like layout and structure ofof the vault documenter I guess.

  • Ok - perhaps test it and tell what I would change. Then I can just describe that or provide my changes as code as you like then.

    But it's always a matter of time. I have also some stuff for that I should deploy.. Just copying out extensions from my projects - or some general logic. Which does not fall under "top secret" :)

  • This should be available in the catalog/store if it is free..

  • These internal tools are often built for a specific purpose, are often not production-quality, or may be potentially quite destructive.  In the case of this tool, it is one that can - by its very nature - make a significant volume of changes across a vault, so care is needed to make sure that it's not misused.

    Partners can speak to their Channel Account Manager who may be able to suggest some tools on a case-by-case basis.



  • I remember as I worked together with the German ERP software vendor proALPHA. They work with Progress and have a menu entry called "procedure call" where you can type in some scripts directly or load a presaved script programm e.g. for updates. I loved that simple way to change things.