Better use of Flags for owners to automatically get notifications? Neat ways for early development of documents.


I'm fairly new to M-Files so has a company we're still exploring the best way to use the tool especially in the earlier development of documents. I'm currently encouraging users (owners) to use the flag option on their documents. This way the owner gets notified of any update or feedback that the reviewers may give. 

Today I got asked if there was some automated method of turning on the flag feature for those owners, through a workflow or setting an assignment. Please say if this is possible? 

Or suggest neat ways to quickly progress the early development of documents that today in our company seems to be the bottle neck in having a great DMS. 

Thank you in advance for your feedback. 


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  • You are looking for client side notifications most likely. (User Guide Link)

    When you toggle the flag, it's not setting a normal property. Instead it creates a personal notification rule following that object. When you remove the flag, it deletes the rule. So you can create a more dynamic ruleset with filters based on what objects you want to automatically be notified of so you don't have to flag each document individually.

    Users can create their own rules, or an Admin can create a rule and flag it as a Common rule that will apply to all users. You can also set the rule to trigger every time there is a change or triggering event, or set a digest message that will update once a day for all relevant objects.

    So in this instance you likely want to create a Common rule that triggers with events you choose and that has the 'Created by' property = to '(current user)'. That would do the equivalent of 'flagging' any document that the user creates.