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Optimize Database Thorough vs Quick When Using IDOL

Hi All,

We have a vault on IDOL with 12 million documents and 6 classes.

Given IDOL is enabled, do we still need the Thorough Maintenance run every week or is the Quick Enough?

With IDOL and this may documents, what would be the expected time Thorough Maintenance would take to run after the first import of 12 million documents, and subsequent runs after this?


  • Hi there, 

    The search index feature is a separate thing from the document vault consistency. 

    The maintenance tasks should be executed in timely manner. 

    We have a knowledgebase article of the differencies of the between quick and thorough optimizations, which you can review by opening the link below:

    For the run time expectations, it's literally impossible to respond to this question. Every environment differs from others and the server hardware is somewhat different. You can best estimate this by reviewing the event log of the operating system of the server to see how long the optimization process takes in history. 

    Also please note that it's not advisable to import everything in one blow. There should be some optimization jobs ran in between the importing of huge amounts of data, to improve the performance of the importing job. 

    Hoping this answers to your question. 

  • Thanks Timo,

    We have already imported all the documents.

    Based on your recommendation can I assume the first thorough operation will take a long time and subsequent ones should be shorter?

  • Unfortunately it's not as straightforward as that. 

    I suggest you to run these optimizations during times people are not working, like on weekends or so on, and keep an eye of the length of the operations and mark those down. 

    This will eventually help you in scheduling these maintenance runs.