Exporting a list of unmanaged objects for import over M-Files Importer

Hi there

Short Summary

We are looking for a way to export all entries of "unmanaged objects" with the IDs.

Import Scenario
We want to import documents from the current file server. For this we use "M-Files Importer". We saw that M-Files Importer supports the functionality of importing files through the "M-Files Network Folder Connector". Now we want to run the import through the Connector with the M-Files Importer creating an ideal scenario.
The Problem
Importing a file throught the network folder connector needs the repository object ID (-1008). We thought we found the ID when we exported the unmanaged objects through search. However when we run the fully configured M-Files importer it fails at the repository object ID.
From what we've gathered the object ID should be the file path adjusted to the Connector configuration. This is based on the export of unmanged object through the M-Files client.
Values from the ID column:
  • F:01_administration\00_gründung\namen\dimora-condimora-200911.xls
  • F:01_administration\00_gründung\namen\dimora-condimora-prodimora-adimora 200911.xls
  • F:01_administration\00_gründung\namen\domains-200801.doc
  • F:01_administration\00_gründung\namen\namensvorschläge.doc
What we need
We need a way to create or access the repository object ID. So we can import the files through the connector.
Thanks in advance!
  • Hi Dominique, a small clarification on the scenario: you cannot actually import files through the Network Folder Connector yet. Migration support for these external repository connectors is on the roadmap but not yet available.

    What you can do with M-Files Importer is to promote unmanaged objects to managed objects, i.e. documents that have metadata in the M-Files vault but the files still reside on the network share. If that's what you wanted to do, please contact your Channel Account Manager as I think we have some tools that might help you here.

    If you actually want to import files to the vault, then of course you can use M-Files Importer to do that but then Network Folder Connector doesn't play any role in the scenario. You would create the CSV file with the file paths and metadata for M-Files Importer like usual and then run M-Files Importer to move the files to the vault. You can use PowerShell to get the file paths into a CSV file from the network folder, for instance like this: 

    (dir -file -recurse).fullname > filelist.csv

  • Hi Joonas, thank you very much. 

    We may misunderstand the M-Files Importer tool function than. There are those two options down here in the configuration. We understand the readme that way, that you give the external repository name and the column of the excel for the connector file-id to import them "from" the external repository. (we actually want to import the files)

    We got the List thru the export out of the client. As ID we took the ID column. Please have a look on the screenshots. 

    Are we heading the wrong direction? I hope you understand what we try to do. Slight smile


  • M-Files Importer readme file / user guide only talks about promoting objects, not importing them. If you need to import the files, then ignore Network Folder Connector completely and just follow the standard importing process with M-Files Importer.

    If you are unsure what promoting means exactly, please see Intelligent Metadata Layer Overview.

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