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Upload another document (additionally) using nearly the same metadata (How to solve it best?)

Best practices is a good section for the following problem:

I've got a set of documents - use case: I take part on a tender for a DMS system and have about 10-20 documents for the tender ready for downloading and sending them filled with contents back.

So I choose a company, a contact (or more), a tender portal (perhaps behind tender number), names like call for sending in documents for selecting the participating companies which should make an offer. However, the metadata of the documents are quite the same but not exactly and I want them as separate documents grouped by tender ID or perhaps a document collection for sending them in.

If I upload them in one action - I can use the metadata of the previous upload and change only what is needed. If I want to upload another document which comes after my uploading action. I have to fill in all properties by myself and look at the others that it is still the same.

I could make a copy of an other document but then the document file will be copied, too. What I really want would be importing or draging and dropping it on an existing document and tell that it should not be replaced but the same metadata should be prefilled (except filename) and the new file should be uploaded as a new document where I can also change some metadata and use the filename of the uploaded file.

Sounds a little complicated but I guess that also other people have those problems. So, how did you solve it? (manually, extra vault application, compliance kit, ...) - or perhaps worth for a standard feature in M-Files (before I prog a workaround :) )

  • Perhaps you can copy the document, but uncheck the box "Check in immediately", so you can replace the copied document with the new file on the first version?

    Or if you create a view with grouping levels for the properties that usually need to be copied (Tender, Company, etc.) you can navigate to where the other documents are and drag-and-drop or add your new document(s) in there. He will also copy all values from the grouping levels on new items in there.

  • I've just tried it out. - It works much better this way but with restrictions:

    • I cannot copy a document as a document collection with given metadata prefilled. This would be good then - or convert a document into a document collection and adding the contained document / documents as member(s) with the same dialog (latest or current version) like adding those members by drag & drop - perhaps also converting document collections back into multi-file documents with some thoughts about what must happen if the documents are used somewhere else having a workflow etc.

    • We use a "Document name" property where the filename of uploaded documents is stored. As document title we use a "Document title" property instead of the standard "Name or Title" property because we calculate the display name of the document with Managed Properties of the Compliance Kit with several filters for composing the name depending on the meta data - e.g. leave "v1.0" out if no version number is set, add an abbrievation of the additional type of document (e.g. High Level Design as "HLD") if existing etc.

      Then the "Document name" will also be copied and while replacing the document file during it still isn't initially checked in yet the "Document name" won't be replaced by the new file name. That's still a manual step.

    Perhaps we should develop a feature in UIX to have an enhanced import documents dialog where I can set some ad-hoc property mappings like for the file importer definitions in Admin Client (or more flexible with new component's features like filter dialog or placeholder editor).

  • What about using Copy Rules from Compliance Kit / Object Creator..?