Version & Revision Control

Hi Forum, 

Have any of you experienced this issue before and found a solution?

The Scenario: I have 5 revisions of a particular document that have to  be maintained. This currently exists as 5 different word documents (living in a network file area), each of these revisions also a unique title.

The Problem:

  • When I drag and drop the first revision into M-Files it creates revision 1 this is where the problems start -->.
  • When I drag and drop the second revision into M-Files, it creates revision 2, BUT because I also have to update the title this makes it revision 3.
  • After repeating this process (so I can maintain a history of the document) instead of having Revisions 1-5, I actually have Revisions 1-9
  • My ideal scenario is that when I look at the history I see only the 5 revisions. I don't want to use MFD or Doc Collections because these other versions are not essential to me or the team, but we have to keep them for audit purposes. Having them accessible from the history would be more than enough. 

Is there anything that can be done so that within one "revision" I am able to both drag and drop the new document on top of the old, AND update the title without having to be forced to make 2 revisions? 

Thanks in advance for your ideas and wisdom

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