Good book on document management?

Hello all,

Does anyone know of a good book/s on document management – including codification?

Is there an Idiots Guide? I’m not referring specifically to M-Files, but more generically.

Best would be for Engineering and Project Management environment.

With thanks, Greg

  • Hi Greg.  

    Here's a list you might find helpful:

    • Introduction to Electronic Document Management Systems, 1st Edition by William B. Green
    • Document Management for the Enterprise: Principles, Techniques, and Applications, 1st Edition by Michael J. D. Sutton
    • Managing Electronic Records: Methods, Best Practices, and Technologies by Robert F. Smallwood
    • Records and Information Management by Patricia C. Franks
    • Records Management for Dummies by Blake Richardson, CRM
  • Thank you Ron, these look like some good references. Appreciated.

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    FYI: I edited the above list to so that the titles are posted here and a bit easier to digest.

  • Two thoughts:

    1) I've found it incredibly valuable to engage with the community of Records Managers. 

    I'm a member of ARMA - Archives Records Managers Association - and they have countless resources on document and records management, retention policies and principles, they often host webinars on relevant topics such as cleaning up shared drives and auto-classification. 

    I also attended their Canadian InfoCon event a few months back, and they're just about to have their Fall one for North America. 

    I've been able to connect with Records Managers in Government and similar industries and learn the dos and don'ts, as well as learn about policy development, project management, taxonomies, privacy, security and so much more. 

    2) I do have a book I keep on my shelf: Records and Information Management by Patricia C Franks (also noted in Ron's post) - it's a couple years old, but the principles are sound. Chapter 4 talks about inventory, appraisal, retention and disposition. And while we work in M-Files, these areas cannot be overlooked. Chapter 5 is on Access, Storage and Retrieval and page 136 talks about Metadata and Metadata standards, along with Descriptive Metadata. 

    Best wishes to you!