Search on object name


We have object with name such as :

  • MPC 4504
  • MPC 3504
  • MPC 3004

among many others with a 2 or 3 at the end instaead of '4'.

We tried to search for all the objects from the '4' series with request such as MPC*04 MPC ??04 MPC???04 MPC *04

None of them works correctly; most of them result in an error (no wild caracter as first cracter of a word).

It seems strange as other 'GED' or ECM solution don't have such limitations.

Is their a way to find a workaround or to make it possible?

Thansk in advance.

NB : test with DTsearch.

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  • You could try modifying "Leading Wildcards to Omit During Preprocessing" under Advanced Vault Settings > Search > Full-Text Search. The default with dtSearch is *?# so enter for instance ?# if you want to use * in your searches.

    You need system administrator rights to modify this setting and it might require you to restart M-Files Server afterwards for the new setting to be taken into use.