Placeholder Editor (multiline values?)

Hi all,

We are trying to implement docusign service. Everything is quite well except the email properties.

We wloud like to personnalize them and have created dedicated properties.

To set then with by default value we plan to use metadata card configuration.

The issue is that when trying to put placeholders to get the signer name we don't have acces to related properties (see picture).

Is it link to multine value type ? Is there another issue?


  • Unfortunately metadata card configurations cannot currently pick values from related objects, we have a long-standing improvement request (ID 128868) to add this possibility. I've added you as a requestor of this feature.

    You will probably need to find a way to first copy the name from the related object to the document and then use that property as the placeholder. Depending on your vault structure you might be able to use automatic filling of properties for this, e.g. when a Customer object is linked to the document, a Contact Person is automatically copied from the Customer to the document (if it's the Contact Person you want to include in your email template).