Automatic filling of properties based on value list

Hi all,

Right now I have 2 value lists. For insance

Department Code
- Eng

- IT



- Engineering

- Information Technology

- Finance

Let's say I have this 1 class and I want that whenever I key in the department code, the department will be automatically filled in. I am aware that we can do this if I create an object called Department with the relevant properties. And when I choose, that object, the other properties will be filled in.

However, this is not the case as I am using the value list. Is it possible to have the field auto populated even though I am not referencing the property to the object ?

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  • Why would you have 2 separate value lists with basically the same content exact for different names? You can convert the first value list to an object type and then just add the full name as text property. With that in place it should be easy to autofill the full name using one of several methods available.

    Alternatively, you could make the second value list a sublist of the first list. You would then have to go in and edit the Department names to create a relation to the department codes. However, this does not make much sense as long as you only have one sublist item for each item on the main list.