Create a public shared link using VaultSharedLinkOperations and CreateSharedLink in a VBS

I'm trying to create a public shared link in a vbs. I saw that we need to be in server mode to use the method CreateSharedLink. Is it possible to use it in the context of a vbs ?

If docObjectFile.Count > 0 Then
Dim dt
dt = DateAdd("d", 3, Now)
Dim expiration : Set expiration = CreateObject("MFilesAPI.Timestamp")
expiration.Day = Day(dt)
expiration.Year = Year(dt)
expiration.Month = Month(dt)
expiration.Hour = Hour(dt)
expiration.Minute = Minute(dt)
expiration.Second = Second(dt)

Dim sharedLinkInfo : Set sharedLinkInfo = CreateObject("MFilesAPI.SharedLinkInfo")

sharedLinkInfo.Description = "Document mis en ligne"
sharedLinkInfo.ExpirationTime = expiration
sharedLinkInfo.LinkType = MFSharedLinkType.MFSharedLinkTypeReadOnly
sharedLinkInfo.ObjVer = docObjVer

sharedLinkInfo.FileVer = docObjectFile(1).FileVer
sharedLinkInfo.FileVer.Version = -1

Dim sharedLink : Set sharedLink = Vault.SharedLinkOperations.CreateSharedLink(sharedLinkInfo)

err.Raise MFScriptCancel, sharedLink
End If

For now, I did this code. But MFiles give me the error Not found when I execute the script. The error happens on the line : Dim sharedLink : Set sharedLink = Vault.SharedLinkOperations.CreateSharedLink(sharedLinkInfo)

Thanks for your help and have a nice day.