More presentations, training material and instruction videos also in German language.

I really love the growing quality of the M-Files materials available on Partner portal, homepage, YouTube channels etc. - so far so good.

Perhaps you know that beside a number of international companies where the company language is English - we have a great majority of companies in all branches and company sizes which want to use German software with all material etc. ONLY in German. Not all employees are able to speak English there and that's why I'm translating sales presentations, training slides, demo environments etc. into German language instead of implementing customer solutions. But I can do this only in a limited range because we also have to deliver customer requirements and earn money for that. - Who doesn't need to? Slight smile

Highest rated are sales presentations and demo environments because you get instantly the question if this is also available in German if you start something in English language.

By the way, in public tenders it is a K.O. criteria if you cannot deliver all parts in German language ONLY. Really.

Now I don't speak about special laws in German especially for HR and data protection restrictions or server locations only in Germany etc.

  • Thanks for the feedback, Falk. As you are our partner, I suggest that you raise this topic via your Channel Account Manager so you can discuss in detail which material you see as the most critical for your customer cases and so on. Your CAM can then involve our content team if needed.

  • Yes of course that's the way we have. But I guess making M-Files "headquarter" also sensitive should be allowed Slight smile

    And perhaps I find others with same motivation here. Perhaps it's possible to achieve more by working together. A German channel was also requested somewhere. Then you can discuss about special needs there what the people from other countries don't bother - but they have perhaps their own national problems.

    Deliver international software fiting all special requirements of countries from all over the world - how many software companies can do that? I guess Microsoft and Apple. Goodle of course. Some others if you only think about the main industry countries perhaps.

    As I formerly worked together with a German ERP developer (not SAP) they just grew up to act international because their customers spread out with subsidiaries all over the world. There I've learned how many mini-problems are to solve - but if you forget some it doesn't work there.