More icons for object types / Workflow etc.

Hi together,

is it possible to increase the number of icons which can be chosen e.g. as icon for object types etc. - If the customer has no one who designs own icons according to its CI then I normally use standard M-Files icons. But they are limited. I have problems to find matching icons for all standard object types like country, state, currency (also Euro please - you are an originally Finland based company :) ), projekt, customer, supplier etc.

Perhaps it would be good to create a dictionary to use it as global CI standard as long as customers or partners don't use own icons.

Different icons for classes would also be an idea - but for documents it's even more difficult to find speaking icons. I've just designed a list of all probable document types which came into my mind on a boring weekend:

(complete list only for good collaborations - sorry only German :) )

  • This would make sense otherwise, but (yes, but exists here) the variety of icons to be created would be huge for all needs and purposes. I just can't imagine us to create a generic icon library for such huge needs. 

    By the way, below are some instructions for how to import custom icons, as this topic draws near of the matter. 

    You could freely import your custom icons to the system, just like to Windows folders. The mechanics is exactly same. 

    As an example, here we have "Customer" object type. 

    There is the button to change icon. Press that. Then, from the upcoming windows, press "browse" and look for the custom icon you'd like to add. 

    (sorry, my pc UI is in finnish currently) 

    The outcome is that this icon will be then shown for the object type it was changed to. 

    There is also a possibility to import an icon libraries so you could design icons for your own needs. 

    A -lot- of information of icons can be found from the Web. 

  • I would also highlight that there is nothing stopping anyone creating a collection (e.g. github repository) of icons that they have created for use within M-Files.  In fact: people could create a number of repositories, one each for different icon styles.

    Just beware that you should not typically use nor redistribute icons that you find online unless you have the expressed authorisation to do so from the icon author.  Most of the time these icons are covered by some sort of copyright (even if not expressly shown).  It is for this reason that I doubt that M-Files directly would look to host any such repository of community-contributed imagery.



  • Perhaps I should also our department for user experience for that - but these are also well booked resources :)

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