Any freelancers with M-files expertise?

I would be interested to hear from anyone operating as a freelancer to help me with our M-files build. I'm looking for someone who I can talk to when I have questions and to help me get a grip on M-files more quickly than having to extract help from the M-files knowledge Base materials.

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  • Did you receive my message? I sent you a friendship request. I'm also open to help...

  • Hi Dariow.

    Sorry for my delayed reply. I had some holiday from work. I will describe our situation so you can decide if you can help. I subscribed for M-files cloud last year but we did not buy professional services because the budget was limited. I have therefore had to teach myself and use the online Academy and help files. I am building M-files to act as our contract management system. I am starting with storing contract documents in a way that we can quickly find them. After that, I will start to add workflows. I find that I sometimes try to do build something and hit a problem, and it takes me too long to work out where I have gone wrong. What I need is someone I can talk to over Teams and hopefully share my problem and get some help to solve it. I expect we would pay by the hour for the work, and it would be as simple as having Teams calls. We would not be handing over the build or asking someone to work directly on our implementation (that would create data protection problems), There would be no obligation to fix everything - if you find you do not know the answer, that's OK.

    I've had a few replies and now I will see who would like to help and ask for indication of an hourly rate.

    Kind regards,

    Charles Drayson

  • Hi Charles. I sent you a private message.

  • I find it hard to track messages on this forum. My work email is

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