Records Managers? Members of ARMA? Canada?

I was hoping to meet other ARMA members on here. 

I just attended ARMA InfoCon for Canada this week. Great conference, really wish M-Files was there as I strongly believe M-Files would stand out among the other vendors that were there. 

It's amazing to hear about some of the competitor products out there. For example) one of the vendors I asked them about collaborative editing, and they replied it's not in development yet, where as I know that M-Files does offer features like this. 

It was also great to chat with other attendees who are records and data people who share the same passion for document management and retention schedules and automation. 

Is anyone on here also a member of ARMA, or in Canada that uses M-Files? I'd love to chat and learn how you have approached some of the challenges of document migration from other file shares or network drives.