Creating an incremental numbering system within an selected class of documents

Hi all, 

I am hoping to create a property which would automatically increase by one for each new record in the specific class. 

The specific need is as follows:

We have a department which receives requests for approvals from all other departments. They would like these to be automatically numbered within the closed group of items in this class. Of course, the Document ID does incremental numbering, but includes all documents, not only by the ones in that specific group. 

So, regardless of the number of documents in other class(es) created between two such requests, the two requests should be consecutive integers. This may go without saying, but the property should be un-editable by all users excluding the administrator, and unique. 

As a side question, assuming this is possible, we would also like to start at a non-zero number to account for previous (or even on-going) requests. 


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