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Concatenate properties in Metadata Card Configuration


I was trying to get the property "Name or title" automatically filled with Set Value on Metadata Card Configuration.

Everything works as expected except for one thing. I'm trying to get the value of a property (Contract number - Property ID: 1158) from an object (Contract - Property ID: 1119).

I thought this should work: %PROPERTY_1119.PROPERTY_1158%, but although {Contract.ContractNumber} it doesn´t work.

I get this error: "The placeholder "Contract" cannot be used as an indirection level".

Is it possible to use this concatenating format there?

If not, which would be the best way to do this?



  • Metadata card configurations cannot currently pick values from related objects (ie. use indirect references), so you have two choices:

    1. Use a property with an automatic value to concatenate the name. You need to create a new property definition for this and set it as the name for your class; you cannot set an automatic value for the built-in "Name or title" property.
    2. Use the free Managed Properties add-on module which has an auto-calculation feature for properties. With Managed Properties you can use the built-in "Name or title" property as the name and even create conditional naming schemes, if needed.

    Note that both of these methods will calculate the name after the user saves the changes to the server, not dynamically on the metadata card.

  • Thanks Joonas for the answer.

    The first option is not possible because I need different names for the same class depending on the selection in metadata properties, but I will check the second option, it may be useful.

    Thanks again,


  • Hi Diego,

    you can achieve that with auto-properties from the extension kit

    If you'll be interested in more info, just contact me.