Creating Check boxes

I am wondering if there is a way to make a property as a checkbox? 

I have three properties which are a simple yes/no answer on the same metadata card. I created them as boolean properties, but I don't see a way for them to be anything other than drop downs. There is a built in property (is Template) which is a checkbox as desired, but I am not seeing any difference in the set up between the property I created and the built in property. 

Any guidance? Thanks!

  • Hello Emily,

    You can set a property as a checkbox from the M-Files Admin, using the following steps:

    1 - Go to M-Files Admin
    2 - Choose your Vault from the Left side menu > Confiugration > Metadata Card
    3 - Rules > Add Rule
    4 - Name your Rules
    5 - Behaviour > Properties > Add property Behaviour
    6 - Click on the dropdown right to the "Property Definition" and choose your property
    7 - Scroll down and Expand "Control" > Type and choose "Check Box"

    Please let me know if you need any further help.

    Best regards 
    Amr Ali

    M-Files Customer Support