Publication management

Over the last few years, we have created a number of document classes related to the production of publications, like web posts, brochures, posters, booklets, and so forth. 

We have come to realize that we should be using a non-document object to support workflows of a publication if it’s in the design phase, pending approval, scheduled for publication and final and distributed. 

we have a number of document classes, like article, media material, promotional material, web content, and publication material. 
Needless to say, it’s confusing and unclear of what to search. 

We’re about to do an assessment to determine what kinds of content we are producing and what to call these records. 

I’m hoping the community might be willing to share the structure that they might use- or what have you identified that’s been successful? 

thank you in advance! 

  • Sarah! This is a great question, apologies for the delay in getting back to you here.  The approach you're thinking of makes sense, the questions i think need to get answered pertain to how many workflows are in question, how different each of the document classes' metadata is, and whether utilizing document type value list makes sense to help consolidate the document classes down into a more manageable quantity.  The non-document object approach is a good idea since you could likely use the same object type to support multiple document class publications.  The nuances related to this are probably better covered in depth over a call, please feel free to set up some time for you and I to discuss this further!

  • Thanks Tom! 

    Wow, time flies! 

    In the months since this post, we have adjusted a bit of our document structure to have a document class called "Publication Material"

    This lets the users save design material, or articles etc.  - They can indicate their Publication Material Type, using the filtered Class Type property. 

    Based on the metadata they input, or the IML suggestions they accept - the document will be enrolled in the workflow. 

    One of the default properties with this 'Publication Material' Class is called "Publication Object" 

    The Publication object is a non-document object that helps users gather all the various documents related to producing a publication, be it a podcast, newsletter, book, or journal etc. 

    The Publication Object also has a workflow, so users can decide if they want to manage all materials under a single "Newsletter Name"  (States Active Publication or Concluded Publication) or if they want to organize per edition eg) "Jan 2021 Newsletter Name" - (States: Draft, Pending Approval, Preparing for Print, Published)

    Since users were a bit overwhelmed with these new options, we decided to do a soft launch making many of these features optional. 

    I've set up alerts so I know when users create these new Publication Objects, so I can ask for their feedback. However, I also monitor Document Collections, because from time to time, users forget the other Non-Document objects, and revert back to a 'folder-like' mind. 

    Maybe I can give an update in a few months for how things are trending. :)