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Signature in QMS 8.0 Signature Page


I have a question regarding Signature Page in M-Files QMS 8.0.

When a document is approved in QMS, it is converted to PDF using PDF Processor, and it adds a signature page, with Reviewer and Approval electronic signature.

In that page, there is a M-Files generated signature that looks like a real signature.

My questions is: Is there a way to use a real signature there (imported)? I tried to search where the signature is generated, in order to try to add the related signature (image file) of the employee instead of the generated one, but no luck.

Did someone did this change and willing to share, how they did it?

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  • There are two possibilities here:

    1. If there is a fixed amount of signers, you should be able to do this with Dynamic Image overlay on the PDF Rendition (link to documentation, chapter 5.3.3 )
      1. The issue here is that the locations of the images are fixed, but for should work for fixed amount of signers
    2. If there is a dynamic amount of signers, it gets more complicated. The biggest issue there is that the XSLT-conversion doesnt have access to files in the vault. You would need to copy the necessary files to server temp-folder for the conversion to have access to them by some application code logic.
  • Hello Juha,

    Sorry for taking this long to respond to your answer.

    1) I think this cannot work as, when you say fixed  amount of users, you are referring to the same User Accounts.

    Because from my understanding, if I have a fixed amount of signers ( every time 2 users will sign the document), but I have 4-10 possible users that can sign the document, the resulting signature page will not look good as for, for each signer I have to assign a certain location.

    2) I understand this, and will probably work for me, I alter the XSLT file using coding, but how can this be done? When a document is approved via electronic signature, I should alter the xslt-file and at the end of the process, to somehow rollback to the initial version of the xslt-file?

  • Can I also suggent, maybe in a future development, to be able to attach a signature file to the employee record, and when a documents needs the signature page, use that image as signature in the document (by downloading it to the server)?  

  • 1) I mean fixed amount of signers per document e.g. one reviewer and one approver. The position is fixed per "role", not per person meaning that the reviewers signature will always be in set position and approvers in another. What you cannot do with this is having 3 signers in one document and 2 in another. It doesnt matter who the signers are. 

    The way you need to do this is pretty much how you described it. You need to attach the relationship to the signature file (e.g. new property "Link To Signature Image") to the employee record. Then you create and add overlay(s) of class "Dynamic Image" and have the reference tree as "%PROPERTY_{PD.AliasOfReviewer}.PROPERTY{PD.AliasOfLinkToSignatureImage}%"

  • Thank you Juha, much clearer now Slight smile

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