Restricting access

When I set up permissions for users, I select the users who are permitted to see certain classes.  I've always been under the impression that the other users wouldn't be able to see any documents within those classes but I've discovered that isn't the case -- the only thing this setting does is restrict the user from seeing that particular class in the list of classes.  If the employee types in the name of a document, they can still find it. 

I don't want to delete years of information out of M-Files so how do I prevent users from being able to find certain documents even though they are already denied access to the class where those documents are?

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  • Thanks Craig, that worked.  Do you know if there's a way to run a report of what restrictions are set up?  We have hundreds of classes that should have different levels of access for certain people so I don't want to have to manually track what I'm setting up on a spreadsheet. 

  • I don't have a specific answer to that, aside from a comment that "hundreds of classes" sounds a little scary. You may want to work with your reseller or implementation specialist to discuss whether this is the best architecture. 

  • Yeah, I agree -- it's a lot.  We have a fairly complex business though with 4 divisions that don't have any relation to each other.  Our reseller doesn't know anything about this software so they aren't helpful in any way and our software was set up by an employee who isn't employed by us anymore.  She had zero training in M-Files so that's how we ended up with a confusing set up.  (Her husband worked for the reseller that we purchased the software from -- and of course he doesn't work for them anymore either). 

    Sometimes I feel like it might be easier to start from scratch whether it's with M-Files or a different software.

  • Obviously I'm a little biased, but M-Files is a fantastic solution. As with anything, though, getting the structure correct is key to both usability and flexibility.

    I am based in the UK and it's a little late right now, but ping me a private message with your company details and I can forward them on internally to see how else we can help. Thumbsup