I need to get the users ID using the username information through VBScript

I'm creating a user via vbscript below:

"Option Explicit

Dim oServerApp: set oServerApp = CreateObject("MFilesAPI.MFilesServerApplication")
oServerApp.Connect 2, "user", "password", "SERVERNAME", "ncacn_ip_tcp", "localhost", "2266", "DEMO VAULT NAME", false
Dim oVault: Set oVault = oServerApp.LogInToVaultAdministrative(VaultGUID)

Dim oEmail: oEmail = PropertyValues.SearchForProperty(1089).TypedValue.DisplayValue

Dim oLoginAccount: Set oLoginAccount = CreateObject("MFilesAPI.LoginAccount")
Dim oUserAccount: Set oUserAccount = CreateObject("MFilesAPI.UserAccount")

oLoginAccount.AccountType = MFLoginAccountTypeMFiles
oLoginAccount.LicenseType = MFLicenseTypeConcurrentUserLicense
oLoginAccount.EmailAddress = oEmail
oLoginAccount.Enabled = True
oLoginAccount.UserName = "user-" & oEmail

oServerApp.LoginAccountOperations.AddLoginAccount oLoginAccount, "Testepassword"

oUserAccount.Enabled = true
oUserAccount.InternalUser = true
oUserAccount.LoginName = "omega-" & oEmail

'oVault.UserOperations.ModifyUserAccount oUserAccount
oVault.UserOperations.AddUserAccount oUserAccount


Now you need to set this user created on a property of type list that points to M-files users.

Dim oPropVal : Set oPropVal = CreateObject("MFilesAPI.PropertyValue")
oPropVal.PropertyDef = 1150
oPropVal.TypedValue.SetValue MFDatatypeLookup, ??????
Vault.ObjectPropertyOperations.SetProperty ObjVer, oPropVal

I know the "MFDatatypeLookup" requires the ID.

How to get the userid I created?

Can anyone provide a code example?

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