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Multiple Line Item approval

Hello. I'm new to M-Files. I hope someone may help me. We have a requirement wherein expiring documents should be added to a request form, like a list of expiring documents. That request form will be routed for approval. In the approver's side, they should be able to choose from the list of expiring documents in the request form which are to approve and which are not. May I ask how can we go about this? Thank you.

  • It might be best to use metadata for this.  Instead of a "request form", have a view listing all items which are approaching expiry.  You can even set up notifications so that approvers will be told when there is something in the "queue".

    To approve/reject multiple they could Ctrl-select multiple items and then fill in some metadata to mark them as approved/rejected.  They should be able to do this to multiple at once.



  • Thank you for this Craig. May I add further to my question?

    Basically, the process is a Department Administrator will be notified of the expiring documents per month. From the email notification, they will login to M-Files and review the expiring documents. Once done, they will choose the expiring documents that should be sent for approval for destruction. This is what I was thinking to be in a request form since the approver would want to see just one form listing down the documents expiring. From there, they can choose which documents to approve or reject. Is this doable?

    Thank you.

  • Creation of a "form" in M-Files is quite involved.  It can be done, but it's certainly not the approach that I would start with when communicating with a customer, as it involves quite a lot of custom code.

    If you can use the "listing" approach - which I appreciate is a different approach to the problem - then you will be able to do everything "out of the box" via configuration.

    I can see the company you work for.  It may be worth liaising with your Channel Account Manager on the best way to approach this.

  • Thank you Craig. We'll consider the list approach. Thank you so much