Merge the same document with a different name

We have a system that outputs documents with unique names (eg name and datestamp). These get picked up along with their metadata file by M-Files and created as documents. This all works fine until someone needs to update the source information and outputs a new PDF.

Because the filenames are different, M-Files adds it as a second record.

Is there a way to get M-Files to create a new version of the existing document rather than adding it as a new record?

The metadata output will be the same, eg unique serial number and such.

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  • If you are using external file sources to import these files to M-Files then this would require some scripting/coding, the process would go something like this:

    1. Automatically insert the imported documents into a workflow
    2. In the first workflow step, search for an existing document by the unique serial number etc. in your script/code
    3. If an existing document is found, update it with the newer file in your script/code and move the new, redundant document into a workflow state that deletes it (using the Delete workflow state action)

    If you need help with the coding, I suggest that you contact your M-Files representative.

    The other option might be to use the separate M-Files Importer tool for the importing instead of external file sources. This tool includes a feature that allows you to update existing documents in the vault based on a unique metadata value (such as the serial number). Your M-Files representative can provide more information about M-Files Importer.

  • Brilliant, thanks Joonas! I hadn't seen the M-Files Importer but I'll check that out. The workflow sounds like something we could do as well. All good options, thanks :)

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