Traditional Folder to Views

Dear All

I would like to know if there is an easy way to transfer my content from traditional folders into Views. 

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  • Dear Team 

    Any update on this request.

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  • Hello,

    Views are created based on metadata, with grouping levels and filtered content based on View's desired output.

    If the documents in your traditional folder do not have any metadata that can help you build a view, then you need to index those document. Then you can to built the views from scratch, I do not know a way to simply convert  a traditional folder to a view.

  • Dear Radu

    Thanks for the response. when you say index do you mean add metadata to the existing documents? One of my colleagues told me there is something like a network connector. So basically I can use that.

    Thank you

  • You do not say how many files we are talking about in this case. One easy way to add metadata to a number of similar documents is to define a view and specify the properties and values in the filter. Then open the view in the desktop client and drag and drop documents from your desktop into the view. The document metadata card will open up and the properties enumerated in the view's filter are already populated with the values given in the filter. You can then make any needed changes for the individual file and click 'Create' or if you are content with the same metadata for all documents you can click 'Create All'

  • Hi

    Thanks but I think there are a lot of files and they are folders inside folders inside folder some even zipped. If there is no simple way then ill have to do it as you mentioned.

    Thank you