Document check-in problem /loss of data/

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Recently, I've had a Document Check-in problem in my client program. The check-in process was delayed somehow after I gave a check-in my document command to the M-Files user program. I've waited a while, then my computer suddenly restarted and my checked-in document completely disappeared and I cannot find it anywhere... Even from the admin tool program. If someone had the same situation please kindly advise. And can I find my file again? Thank you. 

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  • The best place to look for the document is on the computer where it was created. Many programs automatically save a copy every 10 minutes or so. The location depends on the settings in the program used. If you have saved the document in M-Files without checking it in, it should be in your list of documents checked out to you. If you have not saved it to M-Files at any point during its creation then the chance of finding it in M-Files in these circumstances are very slim. However, you could try to look for it in M-Files Desktop at the bottom of your listing in the View that you used for saving the document when the computer crashed. There may be a group-heading called "Other". If you expand it you could be lucky to find the document there as a temporary local file. It will appear greyed out. You can right-click and convert it to a document.

  • Thank you very much. It was quite helpful. 

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