Set Workflow for all documents imported by Replication content

Hi all,

Is there a way to set a specific Workflow from an import using Replication content ?

Exported documents don't have workflow defined on Vault source and I need to force a workflow on destination Vault.

Thanks for your help !

  • You probably use some unique propertyvalue or combination of values in the source vault to filter out the documents for replication. In that case you should be able to create an event handler in the destination vault using the same filter settings and let that event handler add your workflow. You could use the workflow property (38) as additional element in the filter to avoid a loop (only run event handler action if Workflow is empty).

  • Hi, thanks for your answer should I use this event handler
    Replication: AfterCreateNewObjectFinalize ?

  • I would go with BeforeCheckInChanges. According to the User Guide: When executing the AfterCreateNewObjectFinalize event handler, the object may have already been checked in. For this reason, the metadata or files can no longer be modified during operation of the event handler, and thus the event handler is only suitable for validating changes.


  • Not working :( maybe you have an idea with code below

    Set objVersionAndProps = Vault.ObjectPropertyOperations.GetProperties(ObjVer)

    set refpropertyObjects = Vault.ObjectOperations.getrelationships(ObjVer,1)
    Dim compta: compta = objVersionAndProps.SearchForProperty( 100 ).TypedValue.GetLookupID

    If ObjVer.Type= 0 _
      'Document class
        if compta = 66 _
           'All referenced objects
                For Each ID in refpropertyObjects
                     Set latetesObjVerRef = Vault.objectOperations.GetLatestObjectVersionAndProperties(ID.ObjVer.ObjID,False,False)   
                 Set objRefVersionAndProps = Vault.ObjectPropertyOperations.GetProperties(latetesObjVerRef.Objver)

                        Dim oPropValNew: Set oPropValNew = CreateObject("MFilesAPI.PropertyValue")
                        Dim oPropValsNew: Set oPropValsNew = CreateObject("MFilesAPI.PropertyValues")
                        oPropValNew.PropertyDef = 38
                        oPropValNew.TypedValue.SetValue MFDatatypeLookup, 104
                        oPropValsNew.Add -1, oPropValNew
                        oPropValNew.PropertyDef = 39
                        oPropValNew.TypedValue.SetValue MFDatatypeLookup, 130
                        oPropValsNew.Add -1, oPropValNew
                        Vault.ObjectPropertyOperations.SetProperties latetesObjVerRef.Objver, oPropValsNew
        end if     
    end if

  • I tried this as well, import succeed but no workflow set up

    Dim PropertyValues : Set PropertyValues = Vault.ObjectPropertyOperations.GetProperties( ObjVer, True )

    'Change Workflow property in the PropertyValues collection to 115 (HR - Employee On-boarding)
    PropertyValues.SearchForProperty(38).TypedValue.SetValue MFDataTypeLookup, 153
    'Change Workflow State property in the PropertyValues collection to 1013
    PropertyValues.SearchForProperty(39).TypedValue.SetValue MFDataTypeLookup, 1013

    ' Set the properties back to the object
    Vault.ObjectPropertyOperations.SetAllProperties ObjVer, true, PropertyValues

  • Here is a script that works in an event handler.  The last bit about changing the class is not relevant in most cases. There were special circumstances that required this operation in this particular case.

    Perhaps the trouble with your script is that the workflow and state properties are not present on the object from the beginning. You can see below how I add those property definitions and then place a value in them.

    'Eventhandler script to apply OCR workflow when property OCR Needed? = Yes (select from value list)
    'To be placed in BeforeCheckInCanges
    '2021.03.19 Karl Lausten
    '2021.07.11 amended to change Class to "Other document" to be able to avoid Smart Classifier training at this point.
    Option Explicit
    ' Only run on Document type.
    if ObjVer.Type = MFBuiltInObjectTypeDocument Then
    	Dim oPropVals : Set oPropVals = Vault.ObjectPropertyOperations.GetProperties( ObjVer, True )
    	Dim iCLrunOCR : iCLrunOCR = Vault.ClassOperations.GetObjectClassIDbyAlias("CL.Document")
    	'only run if Class is right
    	if oPropVals.SearchForProperty(100).TypedValue.GetValueAsLookup.Item=iCLrunOCR then
    		Dim iPDNeedOCR : iPDNeedOCR = Vault.PropertyDefOperations.GetPropertyDefIDByAlias("PD.NeedOcr")
    		'only run if Need OCR is Yes (1)
    		if oPropVals.SearchForProperty(iPDNeedOCR).TypedValue.GetValueAsLookup().Item = 1 then
    			'Set the workflow to RunOcr
    			Dim iWFocr : iWFocr = Vault.WorkflowOperations.GetWorkflowIDByAlias("WF.RunOcr")
    			Dim WFProperty : set WFProperty = CreateObject("MFilesAPI.PropertyValue")
    			WFProperty.PropertyDef = 38 'Builtin Workflow Property
    			WFProperty.TypedValue.SetValue MFDatatypeLookup, iWFocr
    			oPropVals.add -1, WFProperty
    			'Set the workflow state to Pause
    			Dim iWFState : iWFState = Vault.WorkflowOperations.GetWorkflowStateIDbyAlias("WFS.RunOcr.Pause")
    			Dim WFSProperty : set WFSProperty = CreateObject("MFilesAPI.PropertyValue")
    			WFSProperty.PropertyDef = 39 'Builtin Workflow State Property
    			WFSProperty.TypedValue.SetValue MFDatatypeLookup, iWFState
    			oPropVals.add -1, WFSProperty
    			'Set the trigger valuelist to done (2)
    			oPropVals.SearchForProperty(iPDNeedOCR).TypedValue.SetValue MFDatatypeLookup, 2
    			'Change class to "Other Document"(1)
    			oPropVals.SearchForProperty(100).TypedValue.SetValue MFDatatypeLookup, 1
    			' Save settings to object
    			Vault.ObjectPropertyOperations.SetAllProperties ObjVer, true, oPropVals
    		End if
    	End if
    End if

  • Hello, thanks a lot it works, not directly from importing content replication but I added a property and launched recalculate option then Workflow and step are there ! Slight smile

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