Notifications to Substitute User

Hi, we have just assigned substitute users to a number of other users. We use this as a workaround to re-assign workload when people are absent. 

However, the substitute users are getting m-files email notifications of the work that is being assigned to the user for whom they are a substitute.  These email are not required. 

I have checked in a few places:

1) pressing Alt in the UI and checking the notification settings. Both New assignment to me and Reminder: assigned to me settings have been changed to only be for the current user (it was previously 'current user, and users for whom the current user is a substitute user for').  Changing these has not stopped the unnecessary emails.

2) Checked configurations in advanced vault settings on the admin client - Nothing I can see (but perhaps I'm missing it)

3) Advanced Notifications module in the compliance kit is currently disabled.

Any ideas where else I could try to stop these notification emails?


  • Notification were sent if you assign a user within a workflow state action as described in

    or if you create a separate assignment object as described in

    what is quite the same like manually created assignments as described here:

    If you have a heavy workload on a special workflow state I would advise NOT to assign any user and create a view with all documents / objects - however - which are currently in this workflow state. Then all the staff working on that can pick the next task from the view - check the document or object out to mark it as "I'm working on it" (and not forget to checkin afterwards) - or create another workflow state "In Progress" - just something like that.

    As a real substitute user I really want to know if I have an additional task to do and then it's also good to receive it as an e-mail. We had bigger problems to assign also the rights to the substiture users for docs/objs with limited access because you cannot specify rights for user AND HIS CURRENT SUBSITITUTES. Therefore we assign employee objects instead of the user assignment where the M-Files User is on it - and we also synchronize the subsitiute users and groups in order to assigning permissions also to them if they are set (and it's not too secret).

    Unfortunately there is no VAF event if subsitutes are changed and no possibility to change subsitutes for an other user if you have the rights to do this (e.g. as sysadmin). Especially if an employee has not any chance to set the subsitutes before getting ill and is not able to work on the laptop meanwhile - no one else can set it for him - even not via scripting if you want avoid a database hack. Database hack is bad because it can get invalid if M-Files changes the database structure while API must be set deprecated before with enough time to change the customizations.