How to filter a Contacts property by User Groups


Similar to this from 4 years ago:

I have a User Group for 'Project Managers', which will be populated and syncd from Active Directory.

I have a Property called 'Project Manager', which is a 'Choose from list "Contacts" (multi-select)', and I want to filter that Property to only allow users who're in the Project Managers User Group

So on my Property, I select 'Show values from the following list:' as 'Contacts', and the the corresponding Filter, I filter by the Property of 'User Group (any property)' = Project Managers

Which should work right? but it returns 0 results when I try to use it on an object

So... Contacts objects are not aware of their User Group membership as being a Property they have

In fact Contact objects aren't held within User Groups at all, Contact objects can be linked to 'M-Files User' accounts, but it's those which are members of User Groups. 

So in the filter, I can filter by User Group (any property), or by 'M-Files User', but not by something indirect like 'M-Files User.User Group'

Any suggestions?

Many thanks

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