Automatic add new users to list "task for"

Hello all,

Is there any option how to automatic add user in task lists depending on AD group of useres?

For example:

Some document is send via workflow to sign (task for to check it) to some group of users. After that i would like to automatic add a new user (for example when an new employee appears in user group ) to sign this. But i dont want to start a workflow again. I have no idea how to automatic add (now I am able to add a new user only manual.

Has anyone solved it yet?. Is there any options how to do it? Script? . 

Thank you some much.

  • Not sure I understand completely. If your "task" is an assignment and that assignment is assigned to the group, then all members of the group should have the assignment in their list, and this should work dynamically. New members may not get notification if they enter the group  but other than that you should be ok with this type of configuration. Sounds like you have done something else?

  • It means, i would like to automatic add new user to list of users to assigment (issued document) in same workflow stage. Now i can add / delete user only manual. 

    Its a problem, when a new employee come to company and he should familiarize himself with the regulatory documentation.

    For example: problem situation is when regulatory document has been issued before when new employee come to company. After that i can add / delete user only manual. It should be best if is there any option how to automatization this process.


  • Sounds like something you could manage with the Training Management module in the Compliance Kit if that is included in your current license.