M-Files enable web/mobile for local

Hi all,

Is it possible to enable web/mobile access for M-files in our local device ?

I wanted to show a demo using local vault instead of the one in the server. There are few features need to have web/mobile access enabled such as the share public link.

  • The Web Access is hosted by the server component. So if you want to enable it on your local PC, you need to install the software for evaluation use. Other than this 30 day period, you will need to have a suitable licence code for your local pc server. When you have the M-Files Server installed on your local pc, you will need to install IIS with required components and possibly limit the access to be happening only from the same computer - for security reasons, that is. in case you'd like to demonstrate mobile access, you must allow the access in IIS for the local network with WiFi connectivity. Then, you can enable the Web Access from he M-Files Admin. 

    Note that his is a really basic configuration that should allow the access within local network and that would not require SSL certificate on IIS server as such. When you have Web Access configured, also the mobile access is enabled.