Version Control Lite - how to cancel a document being modified

So, I would like to use the Version Control Lite module to manage the versioning of a significant number of documents. I'm happy with how the Verson Control Lite module works and have set this up before. However, one issue I'm not sure of is how to cancel a Working Copy part way through the workflow and return it to it's original state. 

For example, Let's say I have a fairly straightforward workflow with Draft, Review, Published as my workflow states. From Published, I can start a new controlled version, review it and then publish it, creating a new Published Version of my controlled document.

But what if I need to cancel the new version I've started working on? At either Draft or Review, I may need to cancel the new version and I then want to return my working copy file to the point it was at before I started the new version.

How would I go about this? I'm thinking I may need a workflow state prior to Draft which I can revert to if I need to cancel, but how do I automatically revert my electronic document file (workign copy) back to where it was?


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