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How to suppress Metadata Card

Hi all,

My customer would like to create a simple vault such as Google Drive.

The vault will have only one class and will not have a property at all except class and name or title.

And the files will be uploaded by drag & drop only via the web.

Then, all the end user to do is just clicking "Create" button on the metadata card.

So, my customer want to suppress Metadata Card.

Do we have any way to suppress Metadata Card for the above situation?

Thank you

  • I will answer "outside the box" for your queston.

    I think your customer has a wrong impression of the M-Files. It heavily relies to the metadata which is the practical base of the whole system. 

    Searches and finding objects by metadata along permission sets are the base we are building on. 

    What kind of purpose would this kind of vault be suitable for? I personally have a hard time considering any feasible solution for such vault. 

    If your customer needs such "random box", that could be set, as mentioned to a network drive and then by IML connector to bring the necessary items to the document vault with proper, automatic metadata. 

  • Thank you for your explanation.

    Actually, my customer fully understand the metadata driven type of document management.

    They just want to use only one of the many vault they have as a webhard and my question was for that vault.

  • Let users drag the files to a network folder and let M-Files pull them from there..

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