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here's my case. The customer has all the users in AD and Azure AD (AAD). When the user logs in to the computer, he uses his AD login account.

They want to use the MS Azure MFA (multi factor authentication). I want the users to have a single sign-on, so it has to be the Current User, not Windows User. There are different domains: local one and Azure one.

Is it the proper way to do that:

1. integrate users with AD users

2. sync M-Files with AAD (CONFIGURING AZURE ACTIVE DIRECTORY SYNCHRONIZATION PLUGIN): here I have set two things: A) AAD users are not imported (Import External Accounts = NO); B) I have set the domain mapping for Account names (AAD domain:localDOMAIN, which is used by M-FIles)

3. configure the Federated Authentication, following this document: FEDERATED VAULT AUTHENTICATION WITH AZURE ACTIVE DIRECTORY

Best, Uros

  • I too would like to know how you got on with this. I'm experiencing a similar issue.

    I've managed to get my Vault authenticating via Azure AD (and MS MFA), when I add the Vault and "Test connection to Document Vault" I am redirected to a Modern authentication login screen.

    However after I save the changes and go to M: drive and attempt to open my Vault I'm only presented with a username / password / domain prompt, and I cannot authenticate Disappointed

  • Adrian, do you use RPC Proxy over HTTP? 

    I understood that it should work like this, but personally did not manage to do it.

    After I switched to GRPC protocol, it worked fine.

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