Wich events and scripts are client side or server side?


I am a little bit confused about how M-Files handles events. If I refer to the documentation it seems that every code wrote (besides UIX) is executed on the server. But that is very strange to me. 

For example I really think that things describes there https://developer.m-files.com/Frameworks/Vault-Application-Framework/Attributes/Properties/  should be executed on the user's computer. I can't imagine a VB script for automatic value can be server side.

It's the same for most of the events described here : https://www.m-files.com/user-guide/latest/eng/execution_order_of_scripts.html . I the thought BeforeCreateNewObjectFinalize event was client side.

If it's not the case, is there somewhere the list of the client side events and the server side events?

Thanks a lot,