Android mobile app


I just want to have an open discussion on the support for mobile apps.
We have a lot of customers with people on the road and those are not too happy with the look and feel of M-Files on Android (or iOS).

The features which we really miss are the following: 

 - When a view returns more then 200 results, there is no way to go further in the list. We thought that we could solve this by using a grouping level with a select folder, but that doesn't seem to work

 - Metadatacard configuration is not taken into account which bothers the "unified" experience

 - Support cannot be given to users using TeamViewer, because there is some privacy feature which causes M-Files to go black

 - Is there any easy way to draft a Word document on Android and upload it to a vault?

What's your opinion on mobile apps?
Should it be taken into account on the roadmap or is it something that your customers not really are involved with?

  • M-Files Mobile will get a refreshed UI soon, iOS in the Q3/22 release available later this month and Android a bit later. Hopefully this will make the app easier to use, at least some of the common operations should be quicker to access in the new UI.

    On your specific points:

    • Metadata card configurations are already supported. Please see the Metadata card section in M-Files Feature Comparison for details. (If there seem to be some issues with these, you can raise them with the support team.)
    • Content protection (i.e. the privacy features which can cause issues with screencasting) can be disabled via Advanced Vault Settings > Client > Mobile > Content Protection > Protect Content = No
  • Thanks for your quick reply, Joonas.
    I'll check in on the MDCC and let support know if something isn't behaving as expected.

    Any idea about the number of results?
    Besides having a really nested grouping logic, we didn't find any other way, currently.

  • My understanding is that view pagination is on the mobile roadmap but I don't have any information on the estimated timeline on when this would be available.