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New Desktop UI Full Release Q&A

Please use this thread to ask any questions regarding the full release coming this November. 

  • With the new UI, I need a few extra mouse clicks to get to my files. It is counter-productive.

    I used to see Recently Accessed by Me, Assigned to Me and all My Pinned Items in one view.

    Now I only see one of those at a time. I need to make an extra mouse click to view any of the areas that I need to access.

    Is it possible to customize the home screen so that I can at least see My Pinned Items and one of the other views (Recently Accessed by Me, Assigned to Me, Main View or Checked Out to Me)?

  • Hello, we absolutely need back the ability to see the Preview and the Metadata of a given document parallel. To open the metadata to a separate window for each and every document separately is really tiresome.

    Even that could be a solution, if the opened metadata window would update, as the user selects a different document.

  • Hello,

    it is possible to get the metadata card to pop-out dynamically, so that it behaves like this:

    1. Select an object from the listing and pop-out its metadata card (Alt+Enter or select "Popout metadata card from the metadata card ribbon).

    2. In the popped out metadata card, open metadata and preview side by side by clicking the arrow icon on the top-right corner of the metadata card.

    3. Select another object from the listing -> the popped out metadata card will reopen automatically.

    To get the popped out metadata card to reopen dynamically, you need to change the following setting from the M-Files Admin client:

    Configurations > Advanced Vault Settings > Configuration > Client > Desktop > Metadata card > Allow Single Metadata Card Popup Only = 'Yes'

    We have had quite a lot of feedback around this issue, and we will definitely consider other ways to serve this need as well.

  • Dear Samuli,

    thanks for the quick answer. However I don't have the settings you are refering to. There is no Desktop under the Configurations > Advanced Vault Settings > Configuration > Client part.

    What am I missing, please? Am I looking at a wrong place? Thanks!

  • Dear Baranyi,

    good point, you need to set the "Manage Client Settings Centrally" to "Yes" to reveal those settings:

  • Gotcha, working perfectly! Thanks again for the quick workaround! 

  • Hello,

    Is there any option to maintain the 4 section (recent,assigned,checkout,views) in one view ?

    We used to see everything in 1 view but now we need to switch to other tab.

  • Not with the new UI, the only way would be to stay with the old UI with client version 22.10 or older.

    In the new UI, users can choose which main navigation tab is shown by default under user menu > User Settings > Default Landing Page.

  • Hi everyone,

    I noticed that the back button is now gone in the new UI. So does it mean that the users only able to use the breadcrumbs if they want to return to the previous screen ?