MaxResultsCountForExport registry key only applying to Views

We have a customer which is using views and searches for reporting purposes. Due to this they need to export a csv of results which are typically in the 4000-9000 results range.

To enable this we are using the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Motive\M-Files\22.10.11903.5\Client\MFStatus\MaxResultsCountForExport registry DWORD value which allows exports that are larger than the pagenated search results in the desktop app. The value is set to 10000 in decimal.

Recently we're finding that it is only working for views and not searches.

For example if we create a view that displays all of the invoices for a certain month, and the results are "1-500 of 2533" and then we right click and export, it exports the full 2533 to csv

But if we do a search with criteria that returns the same "1-500 of 2533" and then we right click and export, it only exports the first 500. What's interesting is before it exports the first 500 it 'thinks' for a while, then displays that it's exporting "81/2533", "304/2533" and then just quits at 500. I also confirmed that with the registry value removed the same export is more like "81/500", 304/500" so they registry value is having an effect on the search results export but it simply seems to get cut off.

This was working last month which is even more strange.

I've confirmed this issue with 22.10.11903.3 and 22.10.11903.5

  • I believe you can control export size in Advanced client settings in mfiles server. Or at least the size of the page on both views and search results. I remember that I used it on views to help users get more results for exports.

  • We can control the size of the search results but the problem is when a user does a search on something with more than 10k results and they have to sit there while their desktop app recovers from the large results display. The combination of 500 results per page for fast performance + the ability to export the results past the 500 when desired is the best combination we've found.

  • Just to update, it was determined that MaxResultsCountForExport does not apply to searches, just views.

    Also the suggested alternative, increasing the search results, also doesn't work as once you apply any filtering it reverts back to 500 results per page. M-Files has created feature requests to fix both issues.