Creating an OBJECT that is its own object but is also a document.

I can create an OBJECT called: Quotation Request with the connected class and associated properties. Can this be a document as well?  

I want the user to select "Create a "QUOTATION REQUEST" (one step) and a document is generated.

I do not want the user to select "Create a Document, select the class of Quotation Request. (two steps).

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  • That is not possible using default options. The document object type always has multiple classes and the you will need to select one somehow. Other object types often have only one class. In that case the selection is given and needs no user input.
    You may be able to develop some UIX application that includes a button in the Task Area programmed to create a new Document object in the Quotation Request class. I am not able to do so myself and would not know for certain whether it can be done.

  • M-Files URLs might be useful here, for instance calling an URL such as m-files://newobject/Sample Vault/0?class=4 would start creating a document in class with ID 4. These URLs could perhaps be called from the UIX application. I haven't tested this, though.

  • If it's a desktop UIX then you could use ShowPrefilledNewWindow.

    Just a thought, though...  Might templates work for you?

  • If I remember right, with Property Calculator he could create the second Object automatically..

    But sometimes I'm having a hard time to decide if something is should be an Object or Document.. Ending up creating an Object Type and a Document with the same Name is a solution, but I don't really like it.. I think the separation between Object Type and Document is not good, sometimes you miss a feature while using a general Object Type (e.g. Class Groups) and sometimes you miss a feature using Document Type (e.g. fill Word Document with related Document Properties or Owner/Child Relations).. Would be great to consider unifying in future with all possible Options..

  • Another example is the creation of the Object "Calibration or Maintenance Record which will requires one to complete all the properties associated with the event then the objective evidence is the actual test report or test sheet (an electronic document from an email or old fashion paper scanned) the document must be handled with duplicate information, creation of a relationship, or related document.  The act creating a Calibration Record needs to include a document that is connected without duplication.

  • You need to understand that Document is in fact an object type. You can have any type of properties and workflows on document objects plus you can add files.

    Document is only special in that it has a few extra features compared to other object types, one of them being that it can have Class Groups. Their only function is to make the visual user interface a bit more manageable. There are a few more small technical details that differs, but basically document is just another object type. There is no real segregation.

    So if you need to handle Calibration Records or similar objects, then create them as documents. If you set it to be a multifile document you do not have to add a file from the start, you can add one or more files later in the process.