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Error: Function Expected

I've got a client who is unfortunately getting random popup errors of "Function Expected"

Error details:

CustomControlSite.cpp, 1051, Function expected (0x80040008)
MetadataEditor: utilities.js, 539, Function expected (0x80040008)
MErrorHelper.cpp, 2457, Function expected (0x80040008)
(M-Files 22.12.12140.4 2023-01-18T15:11:45.908Z)

This is happening in the client M-Files.

Things we've tried:

  • Rebooting their machine
  • Rebooting the M-Files Server
  • Running an Optimize (Quick)
  • Running an Optimize (Thorough)
  • Running Verify and Repair (Quick)
  • Rebuild Full-Text Search Index

The error appears randomly when the metadata appears. They do have an application installed, but it does not contain a Utilities.js so I'm leaning towards this being an M-Files issue.

Has anyone seen this before or have any other things we could try?
Appears to only be happening to 1 person, so next step I'm thinking is uninstall M-Files Desktop and Reinstall for this customer.

Before doing that, any other ideas?

  • If it is only one person, then go ahead: uninstall and reinstall for that person. Most likely it will fix the problem.

  • This appears to be a client-side issue, so I wouldn't immediately be looking at server-side things (optimisation, etc.).  If there's minimal impact for the client then I'd definitely start with a reinstall of the client.

    If you continue to have an issue then please do raise it with support.  As far as I can see this isn't something within your control.

  • Is there any further guidance on this, I have a user experiencing this same issue. The only difference being this part of the error (MetadataEditor: utilities.js, 217, Function expected) and her being on the current release version.

    Have done as suggested and uninstalled/reinstalled, first time this stopped the error occurring for about 2 weeks. Error came back today and after reinstall has received the error within a couple hours.

    Should I be raising this with support as suggested by Craig?

  • Ended up giving her a different laptop to use, she has not had this error since moving to the new one. Will reformat the old one, and hopefully the next staff member to receive it wont experience any issues.

    I wouldn't be expecting any issues after a reformat and fresh OS install.

  • We are also seeing this issue for a client but it's many users, not just one.  Support recommended that we check metadata card configurations and there were in fact some unresolved references.  We are now waiting to see if the issue is actually resolved, but I'd recommend checking MDCC if others see this error.