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Error: Function Expected

I've got a client who is unfortunately getting random popup errors of "Function Expected"

Error details:

CustomControlSite.cpp, 1051, Function expected (0x80040008)
MetadataEditor: utilities.js, 539, Function expected (0x80040008)
MErrorHelper.cpp, 2457, Function expected (0x80040008)
(M-Files 22.12.12140.4 2023-01-18T15:11:45.908Z)

This is happening in the client M-Files.

Things we've tried:

  • Rebooting their machine
  • Rebooting the M-Files Server
  • Running an Optimize (Quick)
  • Running an Optimize (Thorough)
  • Running Verify and Repair (Quick)
  • Rebuild Full-Text Search Index

The error appears randomly when the metadata appears. They do have an application installed, but it does not contain a Utilities.js so I'm leaning towards this being an M-Files issue.

Has anyone seen this before or have any other things we could try?
Appears to only be happening to 1 person, so next step I'm thinking is uninstall M-Files Desktop and Reinstall for this customer.

Before doing that, any other ideas?