How to connect VAF application using GRPC?


I just started working with Vault Application Framework to build applications for MFiles,

previously i was easily able to connect to one of my servers using "HTTPS", now on my latest project uses a "GRPC" connection, the server is linked to and active azure directory, i was able to connect to the serve using the Admin pannel without any issues but while trying to develop the VAP application i get the following error on Visual Studio

"1>MFilesSession.cpp, 1428, Network problems are preventing M-Files from communicating with the server. (0x800400ED)"

any suggestions on what am i doing wrong?

  • Do you mean via the powershell deployment script?  Can you connect using the M-Files Desktop client?

    The powershell deployment script uses the connection you've created in the M-Files Desktop client.  If the desktop client connection works then the deployment script should work.

    The typical issue is often that the user you're connecting with doesn't have sufficient rights to install the application, but that would give a different error.