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M-Files Importer - How to import versions of an original document?

Hello everyone,

We want to migrate documents from an external system to M-Files, but also the versions of each document. The properties to include also the versions of the original document are not clear to me, could you give me more information about it?

The original properties I would like to use are:


Thanks in advance!

Best Regards, 

Dariam Diaz

  • You can import the version history if you import the file versions in the right order and use the duplicate detection feature of M-Files Importer to target the same document. Here's an example data file where we use the AgreementID field to target these to the same document:

    Mappings for the above data, with duplicate detection enabled for the AgreementID (also make sure that the feature is enabled under the Duplicates tab):

    In your case I think you should see if you could export the documents' external IDs to the data file and map it to some text property so that you can use that for the duplicate detection. (I don't think using those built-in properties in your screenshot would work in this case, just use a normal property for this. After the migration is completed and validated you can then delete this property definition if the external ID information is not needed anymore.)

  • Hi Joonas,

    Thank you very much for your reply, it works. :)

    Best regards,


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